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The finer details
Who we are and what we do.

Anthony Hary Entertainment focuses on Intellectual Property creation, and implimenting those creations across various storytelling mediums. Anthony Hary is an Illustrator, Writer, and Designer that has enjoyed working with clients creating Comic Books, Storyboards, Character Designs, and Illustrations for book covers, editorial work, decorative art and private commissions.

"Anthony is Passionate in his projects. From the Story, to the Art, to his drive to promote and give the fans a 'little extra'."~Scott Wirth - Midwest Comic Con Promoter
"Anthony is the best. I've never seen someone so earnest and dedicated to being successful"~Gordon Smuder - The Puppet Forge
Meet the Team

More than a Puppet

Anthony is as dedicated to his craft as a person can be without bordering on complete mania. His work for me has been exemplary and his willingness to work with direction makes him a valuable asset to any visual art team. And he's a spiffing comic artist too!
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