BATMAN Day 75th Anniversary Special

July 23, 2014 – BATMAN DAY

DC Entertainment is celebrating 75 years of BATMAN! As he is my favorite character, I am offering BATMAN themed, Ink and Copic Marker sketches on 11×17 inch Bristol board for only $20!!

In theme with the anniversary, only 75 sketches are available.
Order yours today by using the “BUY NOW” button below.

** Shipping is included, no tax, and ALL orders will ship within 2 weeks of payment being received.







2014 Convention and Event Schedule

2014 Event/ Convention schedule:

April 25th-27th: C2E2 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo I’ll be there as a pro on the floor. Come say hello!

Source Comics and Games – Open to Close

May 17th & 18th : MCBA SpringCON
Minnesota State Fair Grandstand – 10am – 5pm

July 19th: ICBC MinICON
Adventureland Inn, Altoona, IA

September 13th: Eau Claire Comic Con – EC3
Action City – Eau Claire, WI

September 20th -21st: MID CON COMIC SHOW
Clarion Highlander in Iowa City

October 4th: MCBA FallCON
Minnesota State Fair Education Building -10am to 5pm

October 25: Comic Book I-CON
10am – 5pm – Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center

October 31 – Nov 2: Minneapolis Comic Con
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

November 28th: BLACK FRIDAY Event
Source Comics and Games – Open to Close

December 13th: SOURCE Jubilee Event
Source Comics and Games – Open to Close
list subject to change

First Ever MN 12 hour Pin-up Day!

Every year creative minds around the world participate in a demanding marathon style event referred to as: 24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAY!

This event has been going strong since 2004, through conceived years prior by comic book legend Scott McCloud, and it is also the inspiration behind this idea!

12 hour PIN-UP DAY!

What is the goal?
Similar to how the goal of 24 Hour Comic Book Day is to create a 24 page comic within 24 hours, the goal of 12 hour Pin-Up Day is to produce exactly what the name implies: PIN-UPS!

Those Pin-ups would then be compiled into an art book, printed by ANA Comics, and profits from the art book would be donated to The American Cancer Society to help support the fight against cancer.

A couple years ago ANA Comics published a Swimsuit Special book whose profits were donated to the American Cancer Society. We raised a solid 3 figure donation through that effort and we’d like to beat that this time around.


How does it work?
I’m in discussion with a retailer to sponsor the event, which would take place on a Saturday inside their store. Participating Artists would be at the event for all 12 hours, with the goal of producing at lease one Pin-up for the book that day, LIVE!

If the Artists choose to create multiple submissions, that is excellent and welcomed. Reaching the Single piece submission is the only real expectation. Beyond that Artists are free to sell their own wares, sketch for fans, talk about the industry’s ups and downs, or otherwise have fun participating in the event.

At the end of the day, submitted Pin-ups will be collected together, and formatted into a charity art book, with the original art then being auctioned off. All profits being donated to the American Cancer Society.


What kind of PIN-UP?
Think Tasteful, Classy, Sassy, Stylish Pin-Ups.
No Sexual Content / No Nudity / No Copyright or Trademarked Characters
Illustrations will be Black/White/Greyscale depicting original creations by the contributing Artists.


How can I participate?
If you are an Artist and would like to volunteer your time and talent to this project, please email: submissions [at] – Even if you live too far from Minnesota to come to our event, yet you would like to participate, or put on your own event and in coordination with this, and have your artists send their art to be included in the book let me know and we’ll coordinate with you.

For those Artists who would like to be at this even, and donate their time and talent, please email your interest and let’s work together to make this happen.


Is your style good enough?
Yes. This art book is both meant to raise funds for charity, but most of all be fun! If you can recognizably depict the human form, and you can produce a pin-up style piece, you are good enough for this project and we’d love for you to be involved.


Will contributing Artists receive copies of the book?
Yes. We’re budgeting it out to hopefully get 3 to 5 comp copies to each contributing Artist. Also Artists will be able to purchase additional books for 1/2 the cover price. Which they can then distribute, resell, or give away as gifts. We definitely want the supporting, contributing Artists to receive copies of the completed books.


As with most things, the more we move forward with this, the more information we will have. Please email any questions you may have to submissions [at] and thank you for considering participation.

Relay for Life Sketch Special

Relay for Life logo

This July my wife will be participating in the American Cancer Society: Relay for Life.

In support of her I am offering 100 sketches for just $10!!!

Would you like one of these special sketches to be yours?

It can be a sketch of anything you love: Family Member, Fictional Character, Superhero, Cartoon Character, or just a cool idea you’d like sketched out! You pick, and I’ll draw it up for you.

Thank you

Or if you would like to donate directly, please use this link: RELAY FOR LIFE team page

Sketch orders do include shipping and MN state tax.

Comic Book Character Commission Pricing

May 1st, 2013    (updated)

New Commission prices!

Going forward ordering commissions are as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

Step 1Decide what type of illustration you would like:

Your favorite Hero/Villain, You or a Loved one as their favorite character, or perhaps you have an original character or an RPG character you designed that you would like illustrated. It can be one character, it can be 14, all that matters is you knowing what you want and communicating that to me.

Step 2Decide if you want a Physical or Digital Commission:

This is important because if you just would like a high resolution digital scan of your commission you can have that and save yourself shipping costs. (Note: Orders from outside the USA/Canada can only be Digital Orders)

If you choose to have a Physical Commission, your commission will be mailed to you upon completion via US postal service. Shipping adds an additional fee to your order. (USA/Canada order only)

Step 3Decide if you would like your illustration in color or Black/White:

Black/White Commissions are illustrated on Bristol board, in pencil and or ink.
$150 per commission, no matter how many characters or what you order.
(Examples of Illustrations drawn by Anthony Hary)

Choose Shipping Option


Color Commissions are also illustrated on Bristol, then colored digitally. For those who choose physical orders, you will receive all physical art, including photo prints of your colored art work, and also be emailed the digital high resolution file for your own use.
$300 per commission, no matter how many characters or what you order.

(Examples of Illustrations colored by Anthony Hary)

Choose Shipping Option

All commissions range from 9×12 to 11×17 inches in size. All sales are final. Private commissions only, Logo designs, Graphic design, or other commercial work is not included in pricing.


Now that you have all three steps covered, what would you like made for you today?


I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to use the links above to place your order with a credit card, or email Anthony(at) for information on paying with Check/Money Order. Once your order is placed you will receive a follow up email confirming your order.

Pencil Samples – TMNT

In the world of comic books many people will ask you “Who would you like to draw the most?” or “What book would you most like to work on?” and of these questions I have a short wish list that would make up my answers. One of those answers would with out a doubt be the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!

Currently their books are being published by IDW, after the fun ownership change, and I thought ‘why not send in some sample pencils’!

Here they are, my four page sample I sent to IDW. I would love to draw this book. I mean I would love to draw a mid-evil one shot similar to my featured image above. Who knows what the future holds! Hope you enjoy the pages and thanks for looking!!

Business Advice: Jimmy Palmiotti

Originally posted online by Comic Book Icon Jimmy Palmiotti
Statements shared here are for the benefit of Creators everywhere.

SOME OBVIOUS ADVICE to comic book people:

When you get a contract, get a lawyer to read it over.

Understand that work for hire is exactly that. You do not own rights nor can you claim any rights to the material you created, even if it’s years later. I know a lot of people had some issues in the past, but I am talking today on…not preaching to those with situations.

Tell your lawyer every single concern you have and have them work it out with the client ,till you are satisfied.

Put a % of your money away, because you are responsible for your own future, not a company, a parent or anyone else. Plan now for the future and learn from others.

BUY medical insurance for your self…even the cheapest one is better than none. Even having catastrophic insurance will help you eventually.

Its easy to pick on people, companies and so on, but once you do, you cant go back. Be smart and research before you point fingers. Most people I know have huge memories and will never forget what you say…and years later, it will bite you in the ass. Be smart and complain to your spouse/friends and not the internet, unless you have all the facts.

When you have all the facts, check them again and look at what you are writing objectively…as if it was someone else writing it …and then e mail it to yourself to read the neXt day clean.

Be generous , give to others and don’t go around boasting about it or using it for your own publicity. Knowing you helped should be enough.

Spend some time daily complimenting others work, on line and off…and encourage those trying to break into our business.

Spend less time on message boards unless you really feel you have something to say. Time on the boards is time off your own board.

If you disagrree with any of this, let me know why…because I am open to learn and correct anything I believe to be proven wrong.

and last:

Support artistic people…they make the world more interesting.

For more info on Jimmy and his AWESOME comic book and creative projects visit his blog: